Cleaning & Care

Your knives and shears are dishwasher safe at temperatures under 130° F. To best preserve the appearance and
performance of your cutlery, we recommend washing them by hand with lukewarm water, a mild dishwashing soap,
and a soft cloth or sponge, drying them immediately.
To prevent staining and tarnishing, rinse the blades with water and wipe dry immediately after use. Over time
carbon steel blades will naturally darken and turn gray to black. A non-abrasive metal polish can be used to
remove light stains. If your cutlery develops rust spots they can be removed with an abrasive bench stone or rust
Do not use the knives for separating frozen meat or cutting frozen or even semi-frozen foods.
Using the knives or shears for purposes other than preparing foods can severely damage the blades and may void
your warranty. Do not use your cutlery as screwdrivers or can openers.

Cutting Surface

Your knives were designed to work with smooth wood, bamboo, and polyethylene cutting boards. Hard cutting
surfaces such as stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain, stainless steel, and Formica can dull and even damage your
knives, voiding your warranty.

Storage Of Cutlery

Your knives, shears, and sharpening steel should be stored in the storage block included to avoid injuries and
protect the cutting edge of the knives.


Please keep cutlery safely away from children. Do not run your fingers over the sharp blades.

Maintaining Sharp Blades

Over time your blades will become dull and need to be sharpened with
the sharpening steel included with your set. To sharpen your knives, firmly
hold the sharpening steel point down on a protected work surface (see
diagram). Carefully pull the blade from the heel to the tip down and
across the sharpening steel at a 10-15 degree angle. Repeat 10 times on
both sides of the blade’s steel cutting edge, alternating between the left
and right edge of the blade.
Please note: these sharpening instructions do not apply to serrated
knives. Serrated blades can only be sharpened professionally

Limited 10 Years Warranty

This cutlery set is under warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship while under normal use.
This warranty does not cover damages caused by accident or misuse, scratching, staining, abuse, institution or
commercial use. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which may vary from
state to state.