Craftspeople First

Before launching Klaus Meyer, we spent nearly three decades crafting knives for some of the world’s most celebrated cutlery brands.
Today, we’re still their manufacturer of choice—but through Klaus Meyer, you can enjoy the same bladesmithing techniques and premium materials at a fraction of the price.

3 Generations of Bladesmiths

Born in 1951, Klaus Meyer took after his father and grandfather, hand-crafting the martensitic stainless-steel knives that Solingen, Germany - “The City of Blades” - is known for.

But mass manufacturing was coming. While it wasn’t artisan quality, it was fast, it could scale up, and it was economical, which customers liked.

Factory efficiency. Or Artisan quality. Klaus Meyer said:

“ Why not have both? ”

Artisan Quality For All

Klaus Meyer’s search for a capable production partner led him to Yangjiang City in China—a bladesmithing hub for over 1400 years.

There, he found a manufacturing facility that could make the impossible possible: high quality, traditional Solingen forging and steelwork with the speed of factory production.

SGS & ISO-Certified Production

Today, Klaus Meyer knives are crafted with some of the world’s most advanced bladesmithing processes. Our multiple commercial-level ISO and SGS certifications are a testament to that.

Specialized 800,000 Sq Ft Facility

ISO Certified (9001 & 14001)

SGS Certified (PC002, PR0016, PR0018 & PR0020)

Per-Item Quality Control

Each knife is forged, finished, and hand-inspected in a single facility, ensuring that every part of the knife you receive meets the Solingen-quality you expect.

Dedicated Product QA Team

Per-Item, Non-Batch Inspection

100% In-House Manufacturing

Ethical & Eco-Friendly

Klaus Meyer came from a family of craftspeople in a picturesque woodland city.
Respecting those roots was important to him, and it’s important to us, which is why we make sure our working conditions and manufacturing processes meet some of the world’s strictest standards.

amfori BSCI Monitoring

The working conditions at our facility are independently audited using industry-leading, 13-point amfori BSCI monitoring.

FSC Certification

Our supply chain has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for all wood, paper, and bamboo products.

Feel The Difference In Every Cut

Cut confidently with forged carbon steel blades that hold their edge and are easy to maintain.

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